Our Culture Array is a school of thinkers, doers, and creators.
A community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and knowledge.
A home for those who feel they have something worth sharing with the world.

We connect the dots of the past to design the future.
We forge raw talent to make the impossible possible.
We become what we want to be by not remaining who we are.

Together, we are an array. A systematic collection of those who share common traits.
Listening with our hearts, feeling with our souls, and seeing the stars makes us dream.

Array’s classroom culture is learner-centered, as the emphasis is on student self-assessment. At Array, we expect students to take an active role in designing their own learning activities. Each day, students will participate in group discussions, learn new concepts and ideas, and then work collaboratively on projects with their colleagues based on the day’s lesson. Each week culminates in a larger hands-on project that brings together all the concepts learned that week. Our schedule provides time at the end of each week for one-on-one meetings with the Headmaster, presentations from guest speakers, and opportunities to participate in community events.

Day at Array A Day at Array
Monday - Thursday

Each day, class begins with a thirty minute Daily Download where we discuss the previous day's successes and challenges and provide each other with feedback. The daily download is followed by the day's core learning objective. After lunch, we spend time reviewing what was covered in the morning followed by a small hands-on project designed by the students to reinforce learning. We end the day with a thirty minute reflection time where students are encouraged to write in their student blogs recapping their day and setting goals.

Daily Download
9:00AM - 9:30AM
A review of the prior day's lesson, group activities, and open forum discussion on hot tech industry topics.
Classroom Instruction
9:30AM - 12:00PM
The introduction of new concepts and ideas, and the core material of the day's learning objectives.
2:00PM - 3:00PM
A review of the morning's lecture and answer remaining questions in a group environment.
Hands-On / Project
3:00PM - 4:30PM
Students will work indivually or in small groups on a project designed by them that implements what they have been taught.
4:30PM - 5:00PM
Students will be encouraged to write in their daily school blog about what they learned that day, challenges, and review and set their learning goals.
Week at Array A Week at Array
Bringing it all together

Each week’s curriculum is flexible enough to either add additional resources based on the class’s progress that week. Each week, students will be reviewed and tested. Reviews, quizzes, or tests at Array will require writing out answers. There will be no multiple choice tests.

The weekend is a time to refresh, review, and prepare for the upcoming week.
The weekend is a time to refresh, review, and prepare for the upcoming week.
Classroom & Hands-On day as outlined above.
Classroom & Hands-On day as outlined above.
Classroom & Hands-On day as outlined above.
Classroom & Hands-On day as outlined above.
Each week culminates in a larger team project based on the material covered Monday - Thursday. Students will also have the opportunity for a private one-on-one touch base regarding their progress or any concerns they may have. Fridays also provide the opportunity for guest speakers and community events.
Everyday at Array

Everyday at Array

We are located inside Cheyenne’s first beautiful coworking space, The Second Floor @ The Paramount. Our special partnership allows us to provide students with an array of fun and useful amenities during their enrollment including coffee, beer, and special events. Check out our location page to learn more about the community we call our home.

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