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In this 24-week course, students become junior-level developers by building web applications, developing their own ideas into functional pieces of software, understanding collaborative web development workflows, and embarking on the career path of a web developer. This course will give aspiring web developers the confidence to build projects from start to finish at a professional level in a mobile-first world.

The focus of this course is learning to program in multiple languages to create web applications. The curriculum as a whole focuses on teaching students how to be professional full-stack developers capable of building scalable products with a team of developers. In addition to teaching Rails, this course also includes lessons on computer science, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, CSS Pre-Processors, Command Line, Git, UI/UX design and principals, and database schemas.

Course Details & Tuition

Six months / twenty-four weeks
Instructional Hours
960 hours
Commitment Type
Headmaster Eric Trowbridge & Professor Josh Sanderlin
Student / Teacher Ratio
Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Next Start Date
June 19th, 2017 - December 22nd, 2017
Application Deadline
30 days prior to start date
Class Location
Downtown Cheyenne Campus

Included in student tuition

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

Students will be provided with a new Apple MacBook as part of their tuition. It’s theirs to use and to keep after graduation.

Location Anemities

Coworking Membership

Students will be provided with a full-time membership to The Second Floor Coworking space giving students building access 24/7, free coffee from the Paramount Cafe, break rooms, and much more. Learn more about the coworking space which we call home.

Languages, Frameworks, & Disciplines

Our students will learn an array of web programming languages, color and typography disclines, and frameworks aimed to give them the "tool belt" they will need to be a successful and agile web developer.


Software & Services

Students will learn and utilize the following software and services throughout the course.

Software & Services
Everyday at Array

Our Classroom Culture

We believe our classroom culture is one of our defining differences that makes Array so special. Our material is taught in a very hands-on project style with students designing their own projects. We end our weeks with larger projects, one-on-one private touchbases, community activities, and guest speakers. Learn more and get an idea of what a day at Array looks like on our culture page.


So what will your six months at Array look like?

Month 1

The first month is all about the introduction to Array’s culture, expectations, and of course — code! Learning the fundamentals of web development including HTML, CSS, and the importance of prototyping and wire-framing. From the beginning, we will learn how to write clean code that can be understood both visually and through commenting your code. We will also explore general color and typography principals and designing responsive websites for multiple screen sizes and the “mobile-first” world.

Month 2

The second month is about understanding the basics of command line, version control, and collaborative coding. We will then explore different team collaboration tools that are used in the industry to share interactive prototypes and team communication tools that are commonly used in the industry. We end the month learning about jQuery and how it can be used to manipulate HTML data and add interactivity and animations to UX/UI designs.

Month 3

The third month is diving deep into the internet’s favorite programming language — javascript. Students will learn the basics of functions, iterations, loops, and data types. They’ll learn about error handling and Javascript control flow and the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Then we’ll end the month introducing the popular javascript framework AngularJS. We’ll build multiple apps, learn what an API is and learn how to integrate them.

Month 4

In the fourth month, it’s all about Ruby and building a deeper understanding of Object Oriented Programming. We’ll learn how to setup local IDE environments for Ruby, creating and managing virtual private servers via a DigitalOcean “droplet”, and understand the fundamental Ruby syntax. We’ll learn and understand the Model-View-Controller relationship and start integrating databases with simple SQL statements. We’ll then learn how to extend the capabilities of Ruby through modules and mixins.

Month 5

In the fifth month, students will learn Ruby on Rails. Building upon everything learned from Month 4, we’ll learn how to setup a local Rails development environment and utilizing Git & Capistrano to deploy development versions to live versions automatically and seamlessly. We’ll discuss the file structure of a Rails app and continue to broaden our understanding of the MVC method that is heavily used in Ruby and Rails. We’ll continue to dig deeper into databases and relationships. We’ll end with learning about user authentication and about resources and gems. And finally, we’ll take all the knowledge acquired to this point and build a website in Rails from start-to-finish.

Month 6

The final month is all about getting ready to go out into the working world and making your dent. Students will be separated into two groups and will meet with a local employer. They will learn how to assess what a client wants, talk about implementation, and begin the process acting on those requests. Students will use everything they have learned to create a finished product and present it to the client at the end of the month. During this time, students will also have weekly themes that focus around resume best practices, mock interviews, freelancing, start-ups, and effective written and oral communication.

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