Array Apprenticeships Pay People To Learn

Apprentices start at $15 per hour, progress to $16.07, and end the program at $17.07. Competency-based wage progression means that when apprentices master new competencies, they get a raise.

At the end of the year-long apprenticeship, the apprentice has the opportunity to work full-time for the project partner.

Become An Apprentice

Array Apprenticeships Find and Train The Right People

All project partner projects receive senior oversight from our staff here at Array, making sure that the work done on the project meets and exceeds our high standards.

Project partners get an employee that has been trained by Array on a project specified by the project partner and is excited to work full-time and continue to grow in the tech industry.

Become A Project Partner

How does it work?

Array works with project partners to identify if their projects would be a good fit for the Array Apprenticeship program. Together, Array and the project partner determine the type of apprenticeship that would be the best fit for the project.

Next, Array begins to vet potential candidates for the apprenticeship, making sure that the candidate meets the desired qualifications specified by the project partner.

Once a candidate is selected, the candidate begins the apprenticeship in the four-month Array Bootcamp. Apprentices will learn computer science fundamentals, graphic design fundamentals, and full-stack web development. During the four months, Array senior staff begins working with the project partner to build project plans, set milestones, and prepare environments for the apprentice.

With the Array Bootcamp completed, the apprentice begins working on the project partner’s project. An Array senior staff member will mentor the apprentice through the completion of the project, and the apprentice will get paid for their work on the project.

At the end of the Array Apprenticeship program, the project partner gets their project and an apprentice trained to their specifications. The apprentice has a new career in a growing field, and Wyoming’s economy benefits.

Hear from our CEO...

Check out this video our CEO, Eric Trowbridge narrates about the whole apprenticeship program at Array.

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